I am a Care Worker/Employee

A union just for Care Workers

The CWU greatly encourages care workers to sign-up and join! 

For a competitive membership fee of just 1% of an average worker’s weekly salary, membership will provide you with access to initial legal advice and information regarding any employment disputes, access to a network of care workers, representation by the CWU to care providers(for annual subscriptions), the media and government and many more benefits. The subscription is auto renewed. 

Rules of Engagement with Trade Union Representatives:

Before you can be allocated a Trade Union Representative you must firstly be a paid member. The membership can be completed online.

Once you become a member, you must send a brief summary of your reason for contacting the Union to the email address given to you by Admin (admin@careworkersunion.org) Your email should also include the employer’s name and their contact details. The representative will then contact you.

Representatives can only be contacted Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 – 17:00.

You will be given the representatives mobile phone number and email address.

You may email at any time. These are picked up the same as text messages. 

Please be patient. Your representative deals with multiple cases and will contact you when free. If the matter is urgent, you may send your representative an email.

If you need to send us documents, you must only do this by email and not through any social media or messaging or texting service.

The representative will charge £50 per attendance for a hearing which is separate from subscription fee.

Telephone attendances are charged at the rate of £2 for all telephone calls received and £10 for all telephone calls out

For correspondence we charge £5 for each correspondence received, £7 for each correspondence sent.

Our Terms and Conditions must be read, especially prior to any action required beyond the Appeal stage of any disciplinary action.

The membership form can be found by clicking 

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