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A Union just for care workers

The Care Workers Union (CWU) is a new trade union standing up for social care workers across the UK.

No other trade union exists which focusses solely on care workers; the existing trade unions represent workers across the labour market and their focus is inevitably less targeted. The CWU therefore channels its entire firepower into advancing care workers’ rights and working conditions.

The CWU has a competitive monthly membership fee at just x% of an average worker’s weekly salary. The CWU is affiliated with the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution Experts (CADRE), an institution comprising experts in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), committed to helping resolve disputes before reaching court. We also have longstanding links with the care sector and care providers through our affiliation with the Cambridgeshire Care Providers Alliance (CCPA).

The CWU’s expertise in ADR and its affiliation with CADRE ensures that we take the following structured and professional approach regarding misunderstandings and disputes:

  • Ensure proper systems are in place to enable employee-employer dialogue
  • Prevent misunderstandings

Get an independent person to adjudicate; a third party to resolve things.

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