Why you should join the Care Workers Union (CWU) TODAY.

Joining a trade union is normally not the first thing employees think about. But when challenges and disputes arise in the workplace, which can happen to anyone at anytime, how to gain quality support, advice and representation is normally the first thing employees consider.  Trade unions can provide a good level of protection when there is a work crisis, when employees feel scared, isolated and their livelihood is at risk. Joining a trade union is a legal right. Therefore, trade union membership should be seen as an investment.


The CWU has a particular advantage over other unions because it focuses specifically on the needs of those working within the care sector, providing affordable access to personalised and high-quality representation. Our strength is mediation and dispute resolution, enhanced through our partnership with the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADRE), a global network of over 250 experts in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). We also collaborate closely with a range of other stakeholders within the sector, with the overall aim of creating a fairer social care sector where workers are valued and respected for the important contribution they make to UK society.


As frequently reported, the adult social care sector has escalating levels of workplace malpractice; victimisation and discrimination, with employees amongst the most vulnerable, many on zero hour contracts. 



The CWU is championing four top priorities:

·      better salaries

·      improvements in terms and conditions

·      training and development for professionalisation

·      Enhanced monitoring, oversight and accountability within the sector



Our dedicated team is ready to listen in a sympathetic manner to your concerns. We are experienced in dealing with the challenges that care workers face daily, working in some of the most challenging and hazardous conditions. We also operate in a confidential and trustworthy manner, so our members can feel assured that we will protect information shared.


We are extremely excited that our membership is steadily growing and keen to bring others on board …… so why not join us today.



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Pregnant employees have 4 main legal rights: paid time off for antenatal care maternity leave maternity pay or maternity allowance protection against unfair treatment, discrimination

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